Arena Rating 2v2

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Arena Rating 2v2


We will boost you in rated battlegrounds. Simply choose your current rating and the rating you want to achieve

    Reset options

    We will get additional 50 honor talents for your character. (This can take 1-3 days extra)

    • 49 $

    We will get 870 avera ilvl gear for your character (This can take 2-4 days extra)

    • 89 $

    Takes 1-3 Days Extra

    • 49 $
  • Here you can buy World of Warcraft (Wow) Arena 2v2 Boost
  • You will get boost to your desired rating
  • You will get some artifact power and Champion's Strongbox for each arena wins
  • Boost takes 1-4 days depending on the boost rating you choose
  • If you add “Full Honor Talents” option Rb Gaming team will farm 50 honor talents for you (it takes 1-3 extra days) (this option is available if your prestige level is 0)
  • If you add “Artifact Weapon 35 traits” option Rb Gaming team will farm 35 lvl of your artifact weapon (takes 1-3 extra days)
  • If you add “870 Gear” option Rb Gaming team will farm 870 average Item lvl Gear for you (takes 1-3 extra days)
  • We don’t use any programs or bots, your account is in safety and protected from bans
  • We use SAFE CARRY program that your account will not be locked in most circumstances
  • We do this service with account sharing


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  • Minimum 870 item lvl gear required for the 2000 rating and higher orders
  • Full honor talents must be available for 2000 rating
  • Minimum Artifact Weapon 35 traits required for 2000 rating and higher orders
  • Character Level 110 is required
  • In case of account sharing we only need your account e-mail and password. Our staff won’t ask for any other kind of info
  • We guarantee the safety of your account
  • In case of account sharing remove authenticator from your account or cancel “ask code each time I login” option, and provide us code

Why People Choose Us?

Over years, people keep choosing for boosting their game rankings in world of warcraft. Join us to become a part of our community

Your security is important. We are using advanced programs for protecting you from disqualifications. Most of time, there won't be any account locks and you will be sure you are at safe hands.
We are boosting since 2008, we have great history when it comes to boosting. When you run with us, you be sure that your boost will be completed in time
Money Back Guarantee
We always complete our orders, if we can not deliver, you get your money back
Registered Company
We are legit company established in United States, our website is secured.
Live Streaming
We are streaming our boost processes through stream channels. You can grab your drink and keep watching
Competitive Pricing
We are providing services at top quality but keeping our prices competitive. You will always find fair prices in our community.